Ammonium Sulphate (ZA)

Origin: China

Ammonium Sulphate helps to contributes essential nitrogen for plant growth and improves resistance to pests. Commonly used to improve the alkaline levels of soil and suitable for various crops types.

Nitrogen: 21%
Moisture: 1% min
Sulphur: 23% min
Colour: White / Off-White Powder

Muriate of Potash (MOP)

Origin: Germany/Germany/Uzbekistan/Russia/Belarus

Muriate of Potash contains soluble potassium, which helps to ensure proper maturation in a plant by improving overall health and disease resistance. Commonly used for various types of crops such as fruits, vegetables, grains and palm trees

K2O: 60%
Moisture: 1% max
Color White / Pink / Red
Form Powder / Granular

Rock Phosphate

Origin: Egypt

Rock Phosphate introduces calcium into the soil which helps to strengthen the plants health and resistance to pest. Commonly used for various crop types to accelerate growth and yield rate.

P2O5: 27%
Moisture: 4% max
Form Granular
Size (1-4mm): 90% min pass

Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)

Origin: China

Triple Superphosphate are used to restore soil components essential for farming and is vital to help promote root growth of crops. Commonly used for various fruits crops to accelerates fruit bearing and ripening.

P2O5: 46%
Water Solubility: 36% min
Moisture: 5% max
Colour: Grey
Form Granular
Size(1-4mm) : 90% min

Natural Kieserite (KIE)

Origin: China

Natural Kiserite is a good source of magnesium for crops which improves the overall quality of plants and increases yield rate. Commonly used for maize production, but is suitable for all crops.

MgSO4: 25%
Moisture: 2% max
Sulphur: 17% min
Form Powder
Colour: White / Off-White


Origin: UK

K2O: 14%
MgO: 6% min
CaO: 17% min

Sodium Sulphate

Origin: Indonesia

Na2SO4 : 99% min
Moisture: 0.2% max
color white
form powder

Ammonium Chloride (AC)

Origin: China

Ammonium Chloride introduces the addition of nitrogen into soil, which helps to increase crop yield. Commonly used for rice and wheat crops, but also suitable for other crop types.

Nitrogen 25% min
Moisture: 1% max
color white / off-white
form powder